Alice joined the team 18 months ago. It’s flown by & she’s done so much to develop Food for Thought! I’ve been pestering her to chat to you on socials or on a blog & she’s finally agreed! Bear in mind that this was written in July, soz.

Obviously Alice is a super together human who likes to have public photos of herself looking cute & presentable. So shouldn’t let me post the photo of her laying under the scoop bins having fun. Spoil sport.

So here’s Alice in her own words!

One would want to say that my journey to becoming a more sustainable and ethically conscious person has been easy breezey (minus the fact I'm now nearing a year working in a zero waste heaven), things can definitely be a minefield in zero waste world. But let me bring you back.

July of last year I found myself looking for a new job opportunity, something that gave me purpose, something new to learn and keep me engaged and I fell in the hands of Food for Thought! After stalking her Facebook videos trying to get tips and tricks to become more of a zero hero, Kerry gave me the opportunity to work along side her in one hell of a business venture.

What is a more sustainable person? When I started this journey I thought “yeah that's me, I use a milkman, I love to recycle and I'm definitely a not good, but pretty keen upcycler I must be a sustainable person right?” Well of course, but it took me maybe a handful of interactions to realise that that's a great place to start but definitely not a place to end.

A year on I'm always still learning new ways to suit my lifestyle and become more conscious of what I put back out into this world. I may not be perfect and I definitely haven't completely wrapped my head round the 17... yes 17 different recycling logos but we must all start somewhere.

Making swaps can start anywhere, my first refillable swap was a firm favourite in our house...PASTA, spelt fusilli to be precise. To this day I'd say it was one of my favourite swaps considering it takes about a blink of a eye to cook and tastes the bees knees. But if pasta’s not your bag we have a huge selection of refillable products to get you on your way. Hey! You can even make your first swap to refillable sweets (absolutely no judgement here)

Being here I've learnt a lot, but the best and most important thing I've got from my journey to finding ways to living a more sustainable lifestyle is not what I buy or I use or even eat, but the people I meet and the stories they share, the down days we talk through together or their excitement of a big life moment that resonates round the room because I think that becoming a more of a eco-conscious person is hard and some what confusing to figure it out all on your own.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

I am Alice and I love noodles.

Written by Kerry Leese

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