• Food for Thought - Order

    01. Order

    Find your must-haves in our online shop, guilt- and plastic-free - super easy and convenient, plus you can feel good about making a difference.

  • Food for Thought - Pay

    02. Pay

    Checkout with a range of express payment methods, use credit, debit cards or BACs transfer, using our secure checkout.

  • Food for Thought - Pack

    03. We do the magic

    Make a brew and wait for your confirmation email to 'ping' to let you know your order is ready for collection or out for delivery 🔔

  • Food for Thought - Deliver

    04. Delivery or collection

    Pop in to collect your order (remembering your order number), or sit back, relax & wait for your door bell to ring or your knocker to knock!

In store…

  • Food for Thought - Weigh

    01. Weigh

    Bring your containers, jam jars, old take away tubs, or use one of ours! Weigh them one at a time on our scales, make a note of the weight. Get ready to fill! Simple.

  • Food for Thought - Fill

    02. Fill

    The fun part! Refill your jar with the amount you want, it might be 5g for a recipe or enough to feed an army!

  • Food for Thought - Weight again

    03. Weigh again

    Pop the container back on the scales & make a note of the weight (or we'll do it at the till).

  • Food for Thought - Pay

    04. Pay

    Settle up at the till & pay in cash or by card/watch/phone/FfT voucher.

There's nothing to it!