It’s been a mental fortnight. If you follow my social media you’ll have seen me in various states of anger & anguish since around 15th March when we discovered that Wellingborough Walks lime trees were being felled by Bovis Homes/Vistry Group.

I’ll go into more detail at a later date but here’s the astounding result of over two weeks of campaigning, researching, protesting, arrests, treee climbs & communities supporting each other. A meeting between Peter Bone MP, Vistry Group & Jason Smithers head of North Northants Council.

It’s immense, yet a temporary pause to the devastation we’ve had to witness over the last couple of weeks but I’ll pass on to Cllr Marion Turner Hawes (Wellingborough) who’s found herself in the position of head protector extraordinaire to explain the outcome today!

This isn’t the end of it but we can breathe. The trees can breathe, we can pause, gather our evidence & come back. If you’d like to join us in marking the 15 trees that have been destroyed & 1 that was hacked half to death, plus celebrate this massive victory then please come down to the Embankment from 3ish on Sunday 5th March. Then come along to the meeting at Sir Christopher Hatton School on Thursday 9th March at 7pm.

Cllr Marion Turner Hawes

Written by Kerry Leese

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