Here’s a Day to get behind; #WorldRefillDay

I get that everyday is a ‘Day’ & it can get a bit silly but when every hour 54.9 million plastic bottles are bought worldwide. Piled up that’s higher than Christ the Redeemer in Brazil! A great visual but I still can’t even imagine that.


Look to reuse where possible.

I know. I’m a one trick pony with this “refill refill refill!” but, it works. The amount of customers who report that they don’t really ever put their bins out anymore because they don’t have anything in them…! It’s inspiring & really ruddy wonderful to hear.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, it can mean growing your own salad instead of buying bags. Reusing old t shirts that are beyond help to clean your windows or as a dishcloth instead of plastic sponges. Go back to using white vinegar & bicarb (to clean, honestly, they’re awesome) & reuse a bottle be it plastic, glass or metal so that you have drink on the go all the time.

Look at supporting ocean cleaning programmes and companies. But put simply, deal with the problem at source, stop using so much plastic. If it’s not being made then it can’t end up in the drains, rivers, streams, seas and oceans.

Look out for local refill shops, ask your local takeaway, greengrocer, butcher, fishmonger, bakery for plastic free options. Take your own tubs.

If you start asking, they’ll get the hint that you’re interested and they’ll hopefully stop using those crappy plastic/styrofoam bags/boxes. I know that I felt a bit odd the first few times asking but the practise makes perfect doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering how you could be a bit more eco-friendly and reduce plastic, give us a shout or pop in. We love to help you to do what you can. Or you can join us on our first intro to zero waste workshop ‘Zero Waste for Triers’ & start your journey with others wanting to be more eco-friendly.

Written by Kerry Leese

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