When: Monday 4th March 2024, 6:30pm or Thursday 5th September, 6.30pm

Where: Food for Thought Refill Shop, 21 Nene Court, 27-29 The Embankment, Wellingborough, NN8 1LD.

Tickets: £12

Get started on your journey to zero waste. It's not sexy or complicated but it's worth it.

This workshop is about cutting down on the rubbish we produce, why it's important to do & how you start to waste less in your everyday life.

Come armed with an open mind & a desire to make a positive change. 

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Pop-up shop @ Barclays HQ*

When: Tuesday 5th & Thursday 21st March and Tuesday 23rd April

It's time for the Barclays HQ staff to get their green on! Our sustainable, zero-waste pop-up shop is here, so come by and get your ethical fix with Food for Thought.

Clothes swap

Buying new has a huge carbon footprint. Save the planet & your pocket. Swap with us Saturday 23rd March, don't shop!