Got a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear? Yeah me too. 

Don't chuck them, swap them!

Each year around 336,000 tonnes of clothes are thrown away. I can't even compute that but apparently it's about 1,500 trains worth. Mental.

You know that we're not a fan of waste at Food for Thought sooooo...

Saturday 23rd March we're holding 2024's first Clothes Swap upstairs on the Food for Thought mezzanine. So not only will you get to see upstairs (people are strangely intrigued by what's up there) but you'll get to refresh that wardrobe whilst making some room, all for the £6.50 entrance fee. 

Once you've paid your £6.50, you drop off your (decent) clothes to us from Friday 15th March to 4pm Friday 22nd March. We'll sort & set them out for you to have a mooch on Saturday from 10am.

What you can bring:

Good condition adult's clothes

Good condition children's clothes & shoes.

Perfect for Spring & especially great for all those crafters & up cyclers who love to make something knew from something pre-loved! 

See you there! 


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