📣📣📣 ATTENTION Barclays peeps 📣📣📣
We've been very organised & got the next 3 months worth of visits to Brackmills booked in.
Come down on your break & say hi!
Of course we'll have bread, chocolate & the usual goodies but this is THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to get refilling.
You don't even need to do said refilling; we'll do it for you!
Just drop your containers one week & we'll bring your order back the next time we're in. Either that or we can just use our jars or paper bags.
Order online or just pop a shopping list in the bag/write on the jars what you want in them.
Just comment with any queries! 

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Use Your Period to Take Over The World!

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Where: Food for Thought, 21 Nene Court, 27-29 The Embankment, Wellingborough, NN8 1LD.

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Pop-up shop @ Barclays HQ*

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