4 years ago I was desperately looking for a place to refill items that I’d normally get in a supermarket. I just didn’t want the plastic crap that went with it. That place didn’t exist though.

Today we’re marking Refill Day, two and a half years after opening Food for Thought refill shop in Wellingborough! Wahoo! 

Why do we need to refill?

We’ve got a huge problem with waste, plastic pollution and food waste. We create a package that lasts for centuries to house crisps, nuts, rice, pasta. How is that ok?

According to the World Refill Day campaign less than 2% of plastic globally is reusable. Now of that 2%, imagine how much actually gets reused, recycled and repurposed.

Where does the remainder go? 

A large percentage of plastic ends up in landfill. Plastics break down over years to smaller pieces, micro plastics, that leach into soils & water ways, entering our food chain. Micro plastics have been found in human tissue, organs and breast milk in addition to wildlife. We've all seen the pictures. It's horrifying.

Why's that bad?

Did you know that plastic is linked with cancer? Plastics, and chemicals in plastic like BPA, are man made. They poison the natural world. We're part of that world, as are innocent wildlife who don't choose to make plastic.

What can you do? 

  • Start small. It can feel scary but making a start is the main thing.
  • Refill your own containers! Cut the need for single-use plastic packaging. Consumers have the power to vote with their money to show that they won't support pointless plastic. 

By refilling, you get the quantity you need instead of open containers languishing at the back of the cupboard for years.

Where the heck do you start?

  • Have a think in your house, work, business. What’s the thing that results in the most plastic waste? Could you refill it instead?
  • Bring your own containers to Food for Thought (21 Nene Court, Wellingborough NN8 1LD) or one of our pop up shops. Forgot the jars? Use our donated containers or buy nice matching ones from us.

You weigh, fill, then weigh again and pay for what you’ve actually got. 

  • Can’t get in? Order online for collection or delivery at www.food for thought.shop

Whatever you do, do something; it's better than nothing. 

Happy Refill Day!


Written by Kerry Leese

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