We’re open 7 days a week, did you know? 

We've listened to your requests & that's right, we're open every day for your convenience. It was always in my plans to get open everyday so it feels great to be able to offer more opportunity to refill with us at Food for Thought.

We've invested so much to get the shop to where it is now, always with accessibility & ease in mind. Earlier in the year we invested in a brand new website so that we could offer delivery/click & collect services for those who can't get into the shop! 

Why shop with Food for Thought?

I mean, why not? You're a cool kid, we're cool kids. It makes sense. 

But other than that... we've got over 500 food, cleaning, personal hygiene & home products available for refill:

Local fruit & veg, bread & eggs

Herbs & spices

Washing up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner & everything in between

Shampoo, conditioner for refill or locally made organic, vegan bars!

Refillable Barista Oat Milk

Rice, pasta, pulses

Sugar, flour

Loose leaf teas, luxury hot chocolates

Snacks (aaaaaall the snacks, crisps, nuts, belgian chocolate raisnins & brazil nuts, mini eggs, bombay mix!)

Local alcohols from Phipps, Saxby's, Fleur Fields & Nene Valley Brewery (gluten free)… plus so much more!

Visit us at 21 Nene Court, Wellingborough, NN8 1LD, every day of the week.


Kerry and the team

Food for Thought opening times. Monday to Sunday written in green on a white background with times written in black.

Written by Kerry Leese

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Why is organic important?

You'll find a lot of organic produce at Food for Thought refill shop in Wellingborough. Organic benefits us humans, wildlife & the planet. So what is organic & why do we need it?