I've never been a fan of cleaning. Unless I'm in a right strop in which case, try & stop me from rage filled scrubbing. But this isn't about my anger issues. It's about Earth Day.

How do I link Earth Day to cleaning I hear you ask? 

Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April to encourage us all to look after our planet & educate about the damage that pollution causes. But where the heck do we start? 

Pollution from vehicles on land, sea, & in the air, might be the most obvious but what about the pollution inside our homes? We might not have a petrol car going in the living room but what about the cleaning products we use?  

You’ve seen the adverts about how Product X will get rid of stains in an instant & Y clears your home of years worth of grease & grim. Well have a wee think about what chemicals are involved in getting rid of that dirt & how they impact our bodies. 

Parabens, phthalates, optical brighteners & triclosans are some of the dangerous chemicals we need to avoid. They’re linked to causing cancers (found in breast cancer tumours), hormone disruption & are toxic to aquatic life!

Branded Mould remover ingredients and toxic warning of harm to aquatic life and corrosive on skin.

What to look out for

So if you’re seeing warnings of toxic chemicals on the products in your house, consider do you want to be breathing them in, washing your plates with them or putting them on your skin?

How can we help?

The cleaning products that we stock at Food for Thought are: 

- biodegradable

- completely plant based

natural fragrances, 

- non bio (laundry)

- great on sensitive skin

- don’t contain nasties- cruelty free!

We stock Fill products & being a refill shop I can’t neglect to mention that when empty, the big 200l & 20l drums go back to Finedon from whence they came! They’re washed out & refilled again until they can be filled no more. THEN they’re recycled. 

Oh & did I mention that they’re actually great? Because local, eco-friendly, vegan, ethical only goes so far if it doesn’t work. But these beauts do! 

You only need a tiny bit of washing up liquid & it leaves dishes squeaky clean! The laundry liquid cleans so well (mother of a young child & mucky dog!) & smells beautiful, so much so that it got Mr Kerry’s seal of approval when frankly I’ve had to drag him through a lot of more sustainable changes! 

So to celebrate Earth Day, there are so many things that you could do but let’s narrow it down. Check out our socials for inspiration but can I suggest two small actions?

- Try our Fill cleaning range! You pay for what you get so you can just try a little bit to see how you get on & until 31st May 23 we’re offering 10% off*


Buy one of the Fill bottles (first fill included) & if you don’t like it, return your bottle & we’ll refund you £5 off your next shop. (another SPOILER, we bet you do like it!). Do your bit for the planet with a good spring clean that doesn't damage nature, wildlife or you!*

Glass bottles on a shelf with various product descriptions & 'Fill' logo, the 'i' of which is a drawing of a part empty bottle ready to be refilled

- Do the Earth Day plastic pollution calculator & consider how you can reduce your plastic use (SPOILER, a fantastic local refill shop run by two fabulous, charismatic local females, might feature, found at NN8 1LD. Just saying).


Of course if you go the extra mile and like to make your own cleaning products we have cleaning vinegar, bicarb, citric acid, soda crystals & soap nuts so feel free to top up on them too although they're not included in the deals. 

Big hugs & Happy Earth Day! ,


* No cash exchanges. While stocks last.

Written by Kerry Leese

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