Ever checked out your carbon footprint?
In basic terms, your carbon footprint is a tool that gives you an indication as to how polluting you are based on your consumption, of food, goods, clothes, transport etc.
I haven't calculated mine in a few years & was prompted to do so by the Carbon Literacy Training I'm doing. I redid the questionnaire using the WWF calculator.
I knew that mine was going to be bad because I went on 3 return flights in 2023. Two within Europe, one to Dubai to visit my bro. Again, I get it. Kinda makes me feel sick. 😔🤢
I thought that I'd share my results with you because often people seem to think if you want to improve the world that you're perfect. If you're not then you should be knocked down immediately. I disagree.
Can't we want better & still be imperfect. Can't we be confused, scared & concerned but still want a holiday in the sun or a bacon sarny?
If you're concerned by the climate crisis & feel guilty for not doing enough doesn't it show that you're aware & trying to change? That should be commended & encouraged.
Can we do more? Probably.
Should we be doing it? Yeah.
Are we going to be motivated by judgment & guilt? No, it just makes us feel shit & fight back!
I checked the average for my area at home. 12.4 tonnes was average. Meaning that there are people with bigger & people with less.
So what's the point?
Well, if you don't know the damage you're doing, you can't do anything about it. We apparently all need to be down to just 2.1 tonnes of carbon a year by 2030 if we're to keep to 1.5 degrees of global warming (compared to before the industrial revolution). 
SPOILER ALERT it's more like 3 & that means catastrophic change for our planet, the human race & life on Earth. & yes Reform UK, that's down to human activity, it's proven by science. 
Why bother?
Well fancy living past 2040? Want a world for your kids or grandkids?
Then calculate your footprint & think how you can reduce it? Go meat or dairy free for one or two days a week. Take one less flight & if you do fly, offset the carbon. Eat organically. Take a carbon literacy course to better understand the issue. You don't have to do everything. Just do something! 
Written by Kerry Leese

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