Add some jingle to your holiday feast with our pre-weighed and packaged, scrumptiously indulgent Food for Thought Christmas cake kit! Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to the fun!


One Food for Thought Christmas cake kit.
1 lemon
284g/10oz butter
8 inch cake tin
2 tablespoons of rum or fruit juice
2 big/dessert spoons of milk
Baking paper cut into two
Newspaper & string

Step 1 

Brush oil/butter onto two pieces of baking paper. Line your tin with the two pieces of paper, crossing over so there’s no tin showing. Make sure that the paper comes over the top of the tin.

Step 2 

Beat butter to a soft cream then gradually mix in the sugar. Add the eggs to the mixture, beating until combined. Next add your jar of fruit, spices & flour. Grate the rind/yellow skin of the lemon & mix.

Step 3 

Get everyone in the house to have at least one stir of the mixture. Even grumpy teens. Add the rum/juice & the milk. Preheat your oven to 160 degrees Celsius/gas mark 3.

Step 4 

Put the mixture into your lined cake tin. Hollow out the mixture slightly in the middle (prevents it from rising like a dome too much so you have a nice flat cake). Now the weird bit. Wrap newspaper around the cake & tie it on with string. This should be a good few cm over the top of the tin; it helps prevent the cake from burning.

Step 5 

Put the cake in the centre of the oven for 30 minutes, then turn the temperature down to 150 degrees Celsius/gas mark 2 & bake for another 4 hours & 15 minutes. It’s up to you whether the festive tunes/films go on in that time…

Step 6 

Test the cake by putting a skewer/chop stick into the centre of the cake. If it comes out clean (and not with sticky cake mixture) then it’s ready. Leave the cake in its tin for about an hour before tipping it out of the tin.

Step 7

Leave the paper around the tin until it needs icing. ‘Feed’* the cake apple juice or sherry/brandy once a week until it’s ready to be iced. * Feeding is pouring a little bit of juice/booze over the cake to keep it nice and moist! Bear in mind that this can make for a boozy cake. Hiccup!

Written by Ryan Hudson

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