When: 3rd June

Where: Food for Thought

Price: FREE 🎉

Heat up the fun with an introduction to Bev, the fiery mastermind behind Vicky's Kitchen's tongue-tingling hot sauces! Come to our 'Meet the Maker' series to find out where Bev draws her saucy inspiration, where her spicy sass comes from, and what makes her sauces so incredibly-inferno-tastic! 🔥 

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Peri Menopausal Mayhem

When: 1st June, 6:15pm

Where: Food for Thought

Ease into menopause with our Peri Menopausal Mayhem support group! Here, we offer women experiencing perimenopause

Pop-up shop @ Barclays HQ*

When: 15th June

It's time for the Barclays HQ staff to get their green on! Our sustainable, zero-waste pop-up shop is here, so come by and get your ethical fix with Food for Thought.