It's all go at Food for Thought! 

We had an amazing response to our advert re: a new member of staff & frankly could've employed every single person who applied, if we'd had the positions.

Thank you to everyone who applied & helped to spread the word!

So let me me introduce you to Denzel, our newest member of Food for Thought who joined Alice & I last week. I know that you'll all welcome him to the tribe while he learns the ropes.

We're obviously still getting to know each other but Denzel is looking for a different challenge after just finishing his Masters in Cancer Biology & Therapeutics.
Yeah, he's taking a break from curing cancer to help us save the planet. What a dude!  

Obviously it's awesome hanging out with great people but we also needed another member of the team so that we could open more days & make it even more convenient to visit us.
It's taken nearly 3 years since opening but as of today we're open 7 days a week. Exciting eh? 
Kerry, Alice & Denzel
Written by Kerry Leese

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Hmmm, what about these?

Pop-up shop @ Brixworth Community Larder

When: 10th May

Where: Brixworth Community Larder, Brixworth Village Hall, Holcot Rd, Brixworth, Northampton

Get ready to do the planet a solid with our zero-waste pop-up shop at Brixworth Community Larder. We've got everything you need to reduce your carbon footprint, from refillable washing liquids to delicious chocolates.

We're now open everyday!

We're making it easier for you to cut your waste & refill with us at Food for Thought by opening every single day of the week!